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Gone Spa-ing: the new hip gift for dads

Friday, June 19th, 2009


I finally decided on my father’s day gift. No, he’s not getting the new iPhone. Not another digital camera either. Not even new sneaks for his next marathon. This year, I’m sending him to a spaaaaahhhhh.


Don’t get me wrong—I’m sure he’d love another high-tech toy. But these days, even 15 minutes of serenity are hard to come by, so I’m ensuring he gets a full two hours of it. No cell phone. No computer. No reminders. And no toddler running around. Just pure and simple bliss.


According to IbisWorld Industry Research, he will be one of many dads getting a spa gift this Father’s Day.  Unlike previous years, Father’s Day spending on home improvement gift cards and electronics will be down (28% and 21 % respectively), while sales of pampering services are expected to increase more than 35%.  It is the age of the “New Age” dad after all, and he’s faced with a shrinking economy, astronomical college tuition fees, pressure to reduce his—and the family’s—carbon footprint, and a house that’s not worth what it used to be…


The least we can do is give him a little peace of mind, rejuvenated muscles, and skin that looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world. And just so there aren’t any questions about his manliness, I booked a treatment called the “Iron Man.” I’m sure he’ll roll his eyes at first, but he’ll thank me for it later.


If you’ve procrastinated like me, there’s still time to book a Father’s Day spa escape. Here’s a sample of the packages you’ll find in San Diego:


Spa Velia, downtown

Dad’s Day Getaway: 50-min deep tissue massage, 25-min scalp massage, 25-min gentleman’s facial. $220.


Cinnabar Acupuncture Clinic & Spa, Rancho Bernardo

Athlete’s Renewal: For performance and recovery. Begin with a 60 min acupuncture treatment to balance the body and deeply relax the muscles. Followed by a 60 min sports massage. 120 minutes. $145.


For a list of other San Diego spa specials and day spa packages, check out 10 Father’s Day Spa Specials on

Spa Treatments for Less Than $100

Monday, June 15th, 2009


With all of us tightening our belts these days, the one question I’m constantly asked is “How can anyone afford to go to a spa?” And my response is almost always, how can you not? Sure, “spa” connotes images of luxury and pampering—the two things you’re supposed to sacrifice in this economy. But what if you changed you’re perception of “spa” to mean stress relief, injury prevention and skin resurfacing instead? Would you put down the $99 pair of sunglasses you’re about to buy and instead reserve a $65 facial? If you knew that massage helps improve your circulation, would you spend money on it rather than splurging on a calorie-packed dinner?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as much a fan of wine diners as I am massages. And what woman doesn’t need another pair of sunglasses to round out her wardrobe? But the more I delve into the spa lifestyle of spa owners, entrepreneurs and athletes, the more I realize that spa-ing is by no means a luxury—it is a necessary, preventative measure that can improve your well being, especially in times like this.


And you don’t even have to spend more than $100 to spa. From salon spas to day spas to resort spas in San Diego (and nationwide for that matter), you can find special promotions and mini-treatments that will get you in the door for less than you might think—and you’ll even have access to a steam room or whirlpool tub. Here’s a list to get you started. You can also check out our spa deals & discounts for more, and don’t forget the great deals you can get at spa happy hours, listed on our spa events page.


“Quickies” at Rock Spa, Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Vital Leg Detoxifying: A stimulating mask and massage for the legs. Increases circulation and restores energy to tired and fatigued legs. 25 minutes. $75

Express Yourself: Personalized mini-revival facial which includes a cleanser, mask and moisturizer. 25 minutes. $65

Rejuvenate: head, neck and shoulder. 25 minutes. $65


The Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn’s “Short & Sweet Spa”

Made to Order Facial: 20 minutes. $70

Back of Body Massage: 20 minutes. $75

Swedish Foot Massage: 20 minutes. $70


Mini-treatment at La Jolla Spa MD

Lime and Ginger Salt Glow Scrub: 30 minutes. $85


The Catamaran Spa’s June Promotion

Cucumber Green Tea Cold Stone Facial: 50 minutes $100


Rock Spa luxury day spa at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Rock Spa luxury day spa at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego